UK’s Youngest Budding Picassos Revealed by Tiny Artist Comp

UK’s Youngest Budding Picassos Revealed by Tiny Artist Comp

The winners of a ‘Tiny Artist of the Year’ competition from a leading photo book website have been unveiled, revealing some of the UK’s youngest budding Picassos in two age categories; those aged 5 and under, and those aged 6-8 years old.

The results are in from a competition that aimed to find the UK’s ‘Tiny Artist of the Year,’ unveiling the artistic talents that lie within children aged 8 and under up and down the country.

The ‘Tiny Artist of the Year’ competition was run by  a leading photo book website, and aimed to encourage parents to bring their little ones’ artistic creations down off the fridge for the world to see. With two age categories for little ones to enter (5 and under, 6 – 8 years) parents simply had to upload their children’s masterpieces onto the Facebook page to enter.

With two professional artists judging the entries competition was fierce, but two winners were picked for their artistic flair. Evie Thomas was crowned winner of the age 6-8 category for her portrait ‘Mummy’, whilst William Hunkin clinched the top spot for the 5 and under category for his abstract painting that he entitled ‘The Bear’s House and Two Red Dragons.’

The age 6-8 category was judged by world-renowned beach artist Andy Coutanche, whose sand creations have featured in international publications. Andy was impressed by Evie’s drawing’s ‘rawness’, explaining, “It’s a portrait from the heart. I think the unconditional love it portrays is so sweet and heartfelt.”

Evie was thrilled about winning her ‘Tiny Artist of the Year’ crown, explaining:

“When I grow up I want to be a real artist and have my own gallery.”

Entries for the ‘5 and under’ age category were judged by mixed media artist Jill Tovey, a published artist and mother of three, who loved William Hunkin’s ‘expressive’ painting. She had the following to say about her choice of winner:

“Well done budding artist William for not mixing all the colours together on the paper to create a brown mess (much more complicated than it looks!), instead making such an expressive and colourful abstract painting.”

William’s father Alan Hunkin was also excited about his budding young Picasso, explaining that many had felt the full force of his artistic flair:

“William is a pretty prolific painter at the moment and always seems to fill every square inch with colour. The walls, carpet and dog have all suffered for his art.”

Rebecca Huggler, Co-Founder of which ran the Tiny Artist of the Year competition, said the following about the winning entries:

“The entries we had were incredible, and it’s so exciting to see so many tiny artists out there! It’s such a shame that so many masterpieces drawn by little ones remain hidden on fridge doors, so we wanted to encourage parents to bring them alive and share them with the world. Congratulations to Evie and William for their brilliant creations, and to all those who entered. The art world soon won’t know what’s hit it with some of the talent we’ve seen coming up through the ranks!”