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Meet the group

Hi everyone, we would really like to get some information about all the people in our group on our website. Could you fill in this form so we can collect the information please. Nikki, Genevieve and Katherine
  • Eg East Surrey Family Grapevine
  • This is the main bit. Could you write about how, why and when you joined the group and what it is like to be in the group. About 150 words max please
  • This could be anything ..... for me it is the knowledge that I am making it easier for parents to find what they need for their child/children - especially the help and support sections.
  • Your favourite food - scared of spiders - once walked across the desert - anything 🙂
  • Could you upload a picture of yourself maybe doing one of the hobbies you love or with your family etc. I haven't made this a required field so it can be added later if you prefer.