Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Safeguarding Programmes Launched

EduCare and their safeguarding partner, the NSPCC have launched two new distance learning programmes to complement their extensive safeguarding range.

Child Neglect is a three-module learning programme which is suitable for anyone, in any organisation, who has a basic understanding of child protection. It explores neglect and how it can harm babies, children and young people. It also describes the reasons why children and young people may be neglected and looks at how parental ability and a wide range of different circumstances can all contribute to neglect. Signs and indicators of neglect are given for the key stages of development and finally, the third module focuses on what you should do if you are worried about a child. There is a helpful list to use when seeking advice or making a referral and it concludes with signposts to nation-specific definitions, guidance documents and common assessment frameworks.

Child Sexual Abuse is a four-module programme that is for anyone who works in an organisational setting, including those with responsibility for recruitment. It contains facts about sexual abuse and those who may pose a sexual threat to children. It also gives guidance on how you can create a culture of safety for children within your organisation and there are practical steps to help you promote vigilance amongst staff members. It also contains pointers to good practice in the recruitment and vetting of new staff.

Both programmes cost just £26.00 + VAT for the online version (including questionnaires and downloadable certificates) and £27.50 + VAT for the paper-based format (inc. questionnaires and paper certificates).

For further information or to purchase a programme in either format, please visit For further information about the NSPCC, please visit  .