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The Silver Grapevine is a wonderful resource for the active over 60's in Surrey.

Each magazine is packed with information for this age group such as activities, places to go, learning, exercise classes, hobbies, help and support, events and so much more.

Meet Our Editors

Nikki Vine

I started the Family Grapevine group of magazines in 1995 when my son was 6 years old. 25 years on I have decided that I would like to provide the same sort of service for the active over 60's as I am one of them myself. I am aware that it is sometimes difficult to find things to do that includes our age group as well as those specifically for over 60's and that can be frustrating and sometimes isolating. My hope is that the magazines will help you to find activities, classes, places to go and events so you…

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Local Magazine

The Silver Grapevine is published three times a year in March, July and November.  We take copies to village halls, health centres, sports centres, libraries, visitor attractions, supermarkets and many more places besides. We will add links to copies of the Silver Grapevine once it is printed. Until then you can see copies of our sister publication.